Football Is Nice with Russell Brand

Episode #08 (feat. True Geordie)

September 30, 2021

Welcome to Football is Nice with me, Russell Brand, and my co-host Gareth Roy!

A few of the things discussed:

  • Gareth's ability to predict the correct results
  • Bielsa's Bucket - does it help or hinder Leeds?
  • True Geordie aka Brian Davis joins us
    • Newcastle's ownership
    • His incredible dislike for Steve Bruce 
  • Russell's hatred of the use of heat and stinging references for goalie's hands
  • Is Aston Villa's assistant manager a rockstar?
  • Russell gets more compliments than Gareth
  • The reason why footballers are not allowed to remove their shirts shocks Russell
  • How to successfully distract a pirate
  • We play some new listener jingles!

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Produced by Jenny May Finn


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