Football Is Nice with Russell Brand

Episode #9 (feat. Dean Ashton)

October 7, 2021

Welcome to Football is Nice with me, Russell Brand, and my co-host Gareth Roy!

This football-based audio production involves:

  • Russell's experience in a cryogenic chamber 
  • Dean Ashton (former West Ham, Noriwch & England player)
  • Giving managers yellow cards 
  • Too many Aston Villa players names sound like Cop Double Acts
  • Your compliments for Gareth
  • Brentford Manager has too many gimmicks 
  • Your favourite most unusual football takedowns & criticisms
  • Graham Potter's beard
  • Some thoughts on the latest games...

If you'd like to send a compliment to Gareth please tweet @jennymayfinn on Twitter!

Let us know what you think of it on Twitter using #FootballisNice and if you are listening on iTunes please leave us a review! 

Twitter: @russellbrand, @garethtrews, @jennymayfinn

Instagram: @russellbrand, @jennymayfinn

Produced by Jenny May Finn


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